Backyard tiny home turns out to be historic Chicago trolley car

When Weyauwega, Wisc. residents Sharon Krapil and her husband Bill purchased their retirement home back in 2014, thet couldn’t have anticipated just exactly what was sitting in their backyard.

A tiny home, soon to be revealed as so much more. As WLUK Fox 11 reports in the video below, when construction workers stripped away the wooden outer layers of the tiny home, what was uncovered was a trolley car from either 1905 or 1906 that used to run as part of the Chicago Surface Lines.

At the time of the June 4th report, the piece of Americana idled in the backyard of the Krapil’s residence as a structural time warp to simpler times. 60 years ago, however, Krapil’s sisters Mary Jane Baehman and Rita Kraus recall visiting this exact trolley-car-turned-tiny-home to watch Friday night boxing matches. The old trolley car was retrofitted with a kitchen, sitting room, and even had two bunk beds.

“It’s like history stepping out into our time,” says Karpril, who hopes to have the trolley car removed from her property so that someone can restore it. One thing is for sure, that over a century after its first ride, this is one tiny home trolley that hasn’t reached it’s final destination quite yet.

Source : sfglobe.com

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