Woman Opening Her Rented DVD Finds A Note Inside That Almost Makes Her Scream

The world can be tough and life is almost never easy, so keeping a positive mindset is crucial to getting through. When it comes down to it, though, sometimes simply sitting down with a good movie can do wonders for the soul.

When this mom recently needed to unwind after a long day, she headed to her local Redbox DVD dispensary to rent a movie. All she wanted was to watch something good and be able to relax a little.

When she brought home the DVD and opened it, however, she found a note inside and almost lost her mind…

There’s no denying it: at times, the world can really beat you down. That’s why attempting to be a positive person and putting good vibes into the universe is always a good idea. Still, sometimes the best option is just to settle in and throw on a good movie.

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You can truly never underestimate the impact of simply escaping into another world for a few hours. That being said, it’s important to pick out the right movie. If you manage to do so, it can turn your entire day around!
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Recently, when a Twitter user’s mom was on her way home after a long day, she decided to rent a movie from a Redbox DVD dispensary. All she wanted was to unwind, but when she brought it home and opened it, she almost screamed…

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When the woman arrived home, she couldn’t wait to pop the DVD into her player and have a relaxing night in. However, she was shocked to find a note inside the case. Confused, she unraveled it and gave it a read.
Amazingly, along with the note, she found $100 cash stuffed inside! The note itself might have been even more valuable than the money, though. It began: “Hello! My name is Marcos…”
The note from Marcos made it appear as if the money hadn’t ended up in the case by mistake. It continued, “Every month I take $100 that I’d normally spend on myself and give it away to a stranger. This month I decided to change it up and put it in a Redbox DVD.”
The note also explained how the money should be used. “You are the first giveaway of 2017! I just ask that you put the money to good use. If you don’t need it, give it away. If you need it, keep it. Have a great day! —Marcos.”
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The woman couldn’t believe that someone could be so kind and generous without asking for anything in return. Her daughter was so taken aback by this incredible gesture she shared a photo and a message to her Twitter account…

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It wasn’t long before people around the internet began spreading the message. While some people retweeted it, others responded with their own optimistic messages. One Twitter user wrote, “that’s so amazing. I swear goodness still exists in human kind. Bless his soul.”
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The woman hadn’t said what she planned to do with the money, but hopefully she and many others took a note from Marcos and helped a stranger who might’ve been having a hard time. A random act of kindness can go a long way!
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Marcos is most definitely having a positive effect on the world. If more people treated each other that way, everyone could be happy.

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