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Mysterious Lost Submarine From World War II Has Finally Been Found — See What’s Inside

As the deadliest conflict in human history, World War II was responsible for the loss of millions of lives. Not surprisingly, many soldiers on either side of the war went unaccounted for—including those aboard HMS P311 (later nicknamed HMS Tutankhamun), a submarine that mysteriously disappeared in January 1943 and was never located.

Until now, that is. This year, a diver exploring the coast of Sardinia made a startling—and ghastly—discovery about the 71 bodies of the soldiers who perished that fateful day.

While exploring the coast of Sardinia, shipwreck diver Masimo Bondone claims he located the remains of HMS P311, a submarine that sank in January 1943 during World War II. The sub capsized most likely due to an exploding mine.

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“Just think of the fate of those who found death down there,” said Bondone in an interview. “A fate shared by many men of different flags, submariners in particular.”

According to officials, each of the bodies of the 71 onboard are likely still sealed inside of the vessel.

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The Local / Masimo Bondone

The ship is in remarkably good condition despite the explosion. Experts even say that the inner chamber of the submarine could have withstood the blast without being flooded while it was sinking.

“Wrecks are only raised if there are extremely compelling historical or operational reasons to do so,” said a spokesperson for the Royal Navy, so the 71 missing bodies will most likely stay trapped in their watery grave. Nonetheless, it’s incredible that a compelling answer to a mysterious question from history has finally been uncovered.

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